5 reasons why you should have a website… what you dont already have one?

If anyone ever asks, and believe me they will, remind them just what the reason for a website is, how beneficial it can be and what they will be missing out on if they DON´T have one and the competition do!

1) Always be available for business:
You don’t have to turn customers away when its closing time. A website can make any business 365-24-7. Which is better, leaving a note or voice mail saying your closed, ultimately sending them elsewhere, or letting them know they can find the information they need, or even make a purchase through your website. There is NO other medium that is always available, interactive, and this affordable.

2) Save money on materials:
You can lower your printed material costs by making them available on a website. This not only benefits you with reduced printing and mailing costs, but your website visitor as well, now having instant access to your material anytime they need it. Other traditional materials can be handled online as well, such as job applications, contracts, training materials and much more!

3) Improves customer relations and perceptions:
Customers today expect an established business to have a professional website. Saying you don’t have one “yet”, isn’t a good signal to send. Beyond that, a website can provide news or details about your business, and special offers to its visitors, strengthening your name recognition and most of all your credibility. A website provides the unique opportunity to tell potential customers what you are about and why you deserve not only their trust and confidence, but their business.

4) Provide convenience to customers and prospects:
A website can provide clients contact information, a source for feedback, complaint resolution, and even handle billing transactions. Making things convenient isn’t only important to keeping customers happy, prospects need convenient access to information as well.

An ever increasing number of shoppers use the internet for pre-purchase research. The most convenient way to do this is searching for products or services online of course. If your not there, you may be seriously missing out. How will they decide between you and your competitors.

5) Market expansion, and diversify revenue sources:
A website serves as a great place to refer potential investors. Growing your business yourself? The unique advantages of the internet has allowed businesses to break geographical barriers. Your business can go from local to reaching more people in your area, to nation wide, or even virtually any country in the world by potential customer with Internet access. You could also provide online only products and services, or sell ads on your site, or share your expert knowledge to diversify your revenue in addition to your traditional offline business.