7 Essential WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins certainly has loads to play with, to the extent that it can all be a little confusing. To narrow things down for the beginner here are my 7 super recommended plugins to make sure your blog makes live easier for you, your visitors and the search engines.

WordPress Automatic Upgrade

Install this plugin if you install NOTHING else. There’s nothing so annoying as performing the upgrades to wordpress via FTP, download and changes and what have you, and the whole time you worry that you might screw something up somewhere. This great plugin walks you through the whole process and makes sure you have downloaded and backed up the wordpress database on every upgrade. Cant ask for more than that.

Google XML Sitemaps

Make Google happy with a handy sitemap for your blog with the Google Sitemap Generator. Install the plugin, change a few settings and hey presto, a nice clean sitemap page on your blog for all and sundry.


Add a page to your blog, drop a line of code in and you have a fully functioning newsletter subscription service. Fully control viathe settings allows you to decide how the blog posts you make will be sent to subscribers, what they say and when they are to be sent. Super plugin and dead easy to setup.

Share this

Allow visitors to “share” your posts quickly and easy on sites such as Digg, Technocrati and Del.icio.us by dropping this handy plugin into your blog. It adds a sweet icon to the bottom of all your posts and visitors can use it quickly and easily. Also, by registering on the site you some really nice tracking software online to see where people are bookmarking your articles.

All in one SEO pack

Make the most of Search engines by allowing your pots to be read and indexed easily. Simple install applies various SEO options to the post in the “Write posts” subsections underneath the area of writing a new post.


Feed another websites XML onto a page on your blog by just copying the XML URL into your page. Nice and simple!

Post Plugin Library & Similar Posts

Setup this plugin to show other threads similar to the thread showing. Allow your readers to move across other articles of interest quickly and easy. Little complicated to add in unless you use the widget function as you have to drop some code into your template (not brain surgery). Make sure you download and install Post Plugin Library for the necessary files to allow “Similar Posts” to work correctly.

Certainly more to come!