Adding Applications to your Linkedin profile

On your linkedin profile there is an easily overlooked option called “Add application”. This feature allows you to install some partner plugins to expand even further upon your profile and offer up another avenue for viewers of your public profile.  When your logged into Linkedin, click on your edit profile option and just below your summary you shoulkd see this.


Add an Linkedin application

As you can see above the it also displays the WordPress application I have installed, linked to this blog so when I post it updates automatically on Linkedin.  (Its a little strange seeing the other Linkedin articles I wrote earlier this week displayed there as well…spooky!)

When you select “Add Application” you are offered a range of options to choose from to add to your profile. All of them are pretty self explanatory and when you select one its a matter of clicking a few buttons and adding in some necessary information (such as your blog RSS feed) and its done.

One point to note is that these applications are only viewable by your connections, they do not affect your public profile (at least not as far as I am aware or have managed to achieve) but rather they are only visible to your connections in your Linkedin network.


And thats adding an application! Simple really. Any questions or additional notes, dont be afraid to hit the comments below and drop me a note.