AlertThingy Review – Social Media desktop software and friendfeed all in one

I came across AlertThingy while browsing the web looking for a way to centralise all my social media profiles into a single interface.  Of course my first port of call was FriendFeed but I much prefer desktop software where possible.  For Twitter Im currently using Tweetdeck, whihc is great for staying in touch with followers on twitter but really left me wanting for updates on all my other social media profiles.  Sure it has a FaceBook feed in but I still have to login to FaceBook directly to reply and comment on walls and such.

AlertThingy – Your Social Desktop

Launched on April 16th 2008 the standard install of AlertThingy supports quite a few social media networks including:

  • Amazon
  • Basecamp
  • Digg
  • FaceBook
  • Tumblr
  • Flikr
  • Hundle
  • TinyURL
  • Tumblr
  • TwitPic
  • Twitter
  • Twitter Search
  • Yammer

AlertThingy promises to be adding more networks as development continues.  The interface is what we have come to expect and is similar to TweetDeck,  with multi or single columns and information segmented into the various feeds and groups you have imported while also being associated with the logo of that feed, for example the Twitter t against all tweets.

One very cool thing that this tool does it also allow you to also import news feeds and blog feeds to a separate column and comes with a range of different RSS feeds already prepared such as the BBC, WallStreet, TweetMeMe and Techcrunch but you can choose specific feeds to add yourself so its really quite flexible.

Pretty easy to use all in all but I will spend more time with it to see how it holds up against the likes of TweetDeck.

AlertThingy FriendFeed

Interestingly enough, if your a FriendFeed User and would like desktop software for Friendfeed but don’t want to add all your profiles individually, they also have a version of AlertThingy specifically catering to Friendfeed.

Installing it and adding in your Firendfeed account details starts pulling in information from your established FriendFeed Accounts (although I’m not sure at the moment if this includes things like Youtube, or only the list mentioned in the alternative version, I’m still checking it out at the moment).  As Comments come in you can “like” them or “comment” back directly via the interface directly from the desktop.

Its still in the early stages, even though its been about for over a year, and looks a bit ugly with an all black interface and white writing but I’m assuming its in the early stages of development and am hoping it will expand in the near future.

Give them a try by downloading them from:


AlertThingy – FriendFeed

Let me know your thoughts on how it works, good or bad and if you think its a serious contender as a social media desktop application. For me the Jury is most definitely, still out.

Just came across this video by about AlertThingy, might help to describe it better!