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I first encountered Angie Haggstrom when I read her article titled Dont Blame the Snake Oil Salesman. It was an intriguing and advanced post regarding the precepts many people have or the experiences they have encountered when they begin the process of contracting a person or company to create effective search engine optimisation for their websites and how both the clients and the SEO interact.  Its got plenty of depth and I highly recommend you take the time to read through it and leave your comments or inform your networks with a ReTweet or social bookmark.

Professional Copywriting for the Web

I read more of Angies work and my respect for her continued to grow.  Shes a real professional who knows her subject matter inside and out and who has the ability to raise a point, research it thoroughly and completely then format it in such a manner that anyone can read it, enjoy it and above all understand it and engage.

On her website it says:

Great copywriting does more than just get your message out there. It takes what you want to say and combines it with your best qualities to create copy your readers can relate to. Your readers will feel the difference between you and your competitors and be compelled to act.

I however feel this is a lie.  Its a lie because from the work I have read it is better than that statement can possibly encapsulate and Angie is selling her skills and knowledge short by being to damn modest.

Social Networking in Depth

I left my own comment on that initial post and Angie has taken the time and indeed realises the importance of replying to comments individually to move the conversation forward and develop the context of the conversation. It was because of this effort and dedication from that  we began to network more on Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook. Finally we ended up having a conversation on Skype (she’s based in Canada, and I’m in Spain, isn’t social networking great) as we “picked each others brains” about the aspects of my work and hers and how they can or could be combined for the benefit of our current and future clients.

I asked Angie what she does in regards copy writing and what areas she covers specifically:

I do both Search Engine and promotional copy writing depending on what the client needs.  The issue is that businesses usually hire a number of copywriters depending on what they’re doing. This causes a disconnect between their brochures, websites, and advertising material. This way, they can hire one, and get one consistent voice, message, and style.

Angie Haggstrom — Angie’s Copywriting

So here’s the recommendation. If your serious about promoting your business and engaging your visitors online get in contact with  Angie HaggStrom. It really is that simple and since Im such a nice guy and like to make sure everything is crystal clear, bring your Cheque Book, because you get what you pay for in this world and if you want Angie be prepared to get serious, shes in high demand and you will get the best.

Angies details are available here on her website and she is on twitter as angie1234p if you prefer to contact her that way.