Assist Abroad Testimonial for Justin Parks

Assist Abroad was conceived after a meeting among some mutual friends and acquaintances one evening in Marbella when a guest at the table suddenly began to choke. The catastrophe was averted on this occasion but those present realized there and then the extent of their limitations to deal with any problems while in a somewhat foreign environment. No one was immediately sure at the time of a number to call for assistance or who to turn to in the event of an emergency.

From that moment on the concept of assist abroad was born. Putting our heads together we decided that due to the lack of service present in this sector for ex-pats, and not only English speaking ex-pats but all nationalities in Europe we could provide a single entity to ensure that other people would have a facility to call in their own language which could efficiently and effectively deal with their given problem throughout Spain. This developed exponentially to include Europe , the USA and even Australia.

Using the Internet as our basis we discovered the services after a search on Google. An email with a brief outline of our concept and aims and Justin Parks returned a call to us in an incredibly short time to ask for further information and discover more about the project.

Things have exploded from there, and without the support of Craig Edmonds and Justin Parks we can wholeheartedly state that we may never have achieved so much in such a short amount of time.

Craig and Justin Parks were easily contactable, always polite and even on occasions when deadlines where looming and the pressure was on, maintained a totally professional and calm attitude to see the job through and get it completed, usually delivering more than was expected or even required.

Assist Abroad is now supporting a multitude of languages, supports GPS location tracking, Service provider pinpointing, online secure information storage and a host of other features all supplied, managed and deployed by both Craig and Justin.

Taking on any company in this fashion is always a risk for any business and with the internet being somewhat of an untamed entity its under great stress that Assist Abroad says, get the professionals to do the job right, after all if you think its expensive hiring the professionals wait until you hire the amateurs.

Craig and Justin have proven themselves to be the complete professional package time and time again, and indeed they have been our greatest investment in every aspect of Assist Abroad, do not make the mistake of ignoring them!

Gordon Todd – CEO
Assist Abroad LTD