The Bacon and Eggs Guide to Retweets on Twitter

I see a lot of information, everyday, about social media, its new features, the tools, the apps, the software, the systems and of course the potential and I definitely enjoy reading it and seeing peoples passion come from getting mucked in and involved.

Sometimes though, I see information about social media and I just don’t get it.  At all. Typically this information is the type of thing that involves numbers, fancy looking graphs, pie charts and some scientific looking pile of claptrap that aims to prove a point or justify a technique of one from or another and the end result usually has me shaking my head and wondering where these people get their drugs.

Maybe I’m just stupid

Yep, sometimes I think I’m just stupid, especially when I see stuff that just doesn’t make sense.  I find myself saying, “It must be me” when really in my heart of hearts I want to say “What a load of bollocks” because I know, if that’s the way I see it, then there will be a good proportion of people who agree, because simply put, life’s too damn complicated already, so why complicate something any more than it needs to be by adding mind numbing graphs and charts to it…

Having said that…

I then decided that I would do my own version of a graph and base it on the theory of increasing opportunities to get a ReTweet in Twitter.  It includes some very important factors that need to be accounted for when you aim to have your information ReTweeted as much as possible, but before you panic, no, it will not include some long winded and brain destroying algorithmic formula that takes 3 hours to apply your calculation to, but rather it all begins with some bacon and eggs…

So, for your enjoyment, here is:


And that’s that!

OK, so I jest.  Or do I?

Really, getting an RT will include some science, like being smart enough not to expect a ReTweet if all your followers are in bed, but that may just be common sense,  but at the end of the day, there are a whole world of factors that will be beyond any influence you can possibly exert.

The only way you can increase the likelihood of getting an RT is to have some good friends, some passionate followers or some damn interesting information for folks to enjoy, then let them decide if its worthy of the ReTweet, otherwise… well…your just kidding yourself really.