SEO Champion of the World

Just a little bit of a rant and a sprinkling of common sense maybe. Every industry needs a champion and in the world of SEO is no exception. But what makes someone a champion of any given industry. Is it the proactive person who profits little but aims to change the perception of the industry to the outside world? Or is it… Read more →

Im a bad SEO

Yep I admit it – I am a bad SEO. There, its out there. Pretty weird thing to say isnt it? On a site that offers the very same service! So let me clarify. I have been a bad SEO because I have been neglecting my own site for about a year now due to commitments to clients – where… Read more →

Will Google plus KILL Facebook and will it crash and burn in terrible flames like Myspace and be sold for 50 cents?

In a bar, meeting strangers, chatting with the guy next to you. What could be more normal than that.  It aint normal if your names Mark Zuckerberg and you meet Tom, from MySpace… He has a small chip on his shoulder, about some friends of his. After all, he invented the “friends”. (love that line) Mark gets to thinking about… Read more →

Drop the SOPA or get screwed

Its been a while since I blogged.  Life has been hectic with family, work and all the important things that need or require my time (like sleeping). But its time I wrote something about this. I was messing with a new WordPress site today and found a link on the WordPress forums to this page about SOPA/PIPA and how it… Read more →

A reminder of basic SEO from Search Engine Land and Common Craft

A really basic introduction to SEO from Search Engine Land and Common Craft but actually, in my opinion, it covers all the necessary things that SHOULD be covered in any SEO effort, allowing you to focus on the important things within your business. It is worth the watching as a basic refresher. It covers 5 things: Words in page Titles Links… Read more →