Social Media Revolution Video Updated to version 3

I love these videos. This is the third instalment of the series entitled social media revolution, and its pretty funky. It gets some interesting bits of information across and in such an entertaining way and also it gives everyone a break from listening to me ramble on about things. Have a watch and enjoy. [youtube=,7-99:digest&w=450&h=300] Read more →

How to Approach Different Cultures via Social Media

As more businesses start to cotton onto the value of using the web to market themselves internationally,  they’re also coming to see the value of good quality website localisation – basically the process of translating and culturally adapting a website for different languages and cultures. Social media marketing is another hot topic right now. With around 600 million users signed… Read more →

An honest Irishmans view on the economic crisis and the bailout

This is the most honest opinion I have heard on the whole bloody situation surrounding Ireland, the economy worldwide, the bailout and the banks.  I love social media, there is no way any of this would have been broadcast on any TV reporting station in the world.  Mores the pity. I wish this old fella was my grandad.  I’m dead… Read more →