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Its a fine balance to achieve Angie and I think far to many people ignore two specific points you mention:

– Optimizing Content For Your Target Audience
– Optimizing Content For The Company

So many people are obsessed with search engines and SEO that they neglect…no… ignore, what the content they are creating actually means to the audience and the perception it gives of the company.

This is not really their fault either.

So information hungry are the search engines that they have inadvertently encouraged this wild growth in “article marketing”, churning out useless, and most of the time, dangerous unresearched information because people are under the misconception that this is the way to get ahead, when in reality, it isnt! Its a waste of time and money.

Well wrote, researched and objective engaging content is so much more powerful than this other crap because it covers all these points and due to its quality will inevitably lead to better search engine rankings.

Once that has been done then all that is left is for the audience to understand and appreciate the information you have presented and this is when you see much greater benefits to the audience in regards trust, confidence, and repeat visits and a much greater reflection of the company or brand.

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