Community of Owners Hacienda Elviria Testimonial for Justin Parks

Community of owners Hacienda Elviria – Office of the President and managing board

When the owners of Hacienda Elviria agreed that a web-site was desirable to enhance the management of their community, it was only the beginning.

Then, came the task, of identifying a professional company, who would be able to produce the end result which was consistent with the criteria which had been identified and to a standard that would prove to be a benefit to the community in the future.

We were fortunate in choosing the professionalism and experience of Craig Edmonds and Justin Parks, from the outset.

Working with Craig Edmonds and Justin Parks proved to be a stress free experience, as they fully understood what we were trying to achieve, worked within the criteria set and made their own constructive contributions to the end result.

During the course of the work there were difficulties created by the community in not providing information when promised, but there was full understanding and empathy throughout the process that made it all a pleasurable task.

The artistic contributions to the layout and structure of the web site were supplied totally by Justin Parks, and the completed site which has now gone live to the owners has met with 100% approval by the owners.

We are now asking Justin and Craig  to officially manage the site on our behalf which should also prove to be an investment for the future.

To anyone thinking of undertaking of undertaking this type of exercise, I would have now hesitation in recommending these gentlemen as your first port of call.

Terry Wills – President Hacienda Elviria
Community of Owners Hacienda Elviria