How you discover and use images on your blog

Finding and using images correctly on your blog can be a lengthy process to begin with, we all have an idea in our heads what we want the photo that represents our information to be and reflect then we can spend considerable time looking for it in our documents, trying to take a photo or as the vast majority off us do, grabbing it of the web.

Its not a simple process of just ripping off photos though. In fact that can get you into the deep stuff if you don’t respect the licenses and agreements laid out by governing bodies such as Creative Commons.

Instead of me going on about it though, my good friend Seth Simonds was one step ahead (as usual) and posted this excellent guide called “How I Discover & Use Images On My Blog” which definitively covers the process of carefully selecting photos or images for your blog and the issues and attributions that should be given.

Nice one Seth, saved me the bother of writing one myself, so I’m all smiles here. :)


Photo courtesy of Seth Simonds of ^^