Essential Estates World Wide SL Testimonial for Justin Parks

Essential World Wide SL

I’ve been extremely pleased with the re-design and refocus of our website that Craig & Justin carried out for us in April-May of 2004.

In our industry, a clear and comprehensive website is really life and death and 123 Marbella Web Design understands this. Most importantly, they listened to my initial requests and vision that I had in mind for the website and they delivered on what they promised, on time and within the budget that we had agreed in advance.

Their ‘Content Management’ system has enabled me to constantly update my site as and when required. They’ve also been very responsive to further requests that I’ve needed for the site as time has evolved and the market demanded. I’m also thankful that they continue to offer ‘extra’ products to me that help my business including statistical analysis of site traffic and further enhancements to the ‘Content Management’ features.

I would recommend any serious business person to think twice about who they decide to go with when it comes to both website design and corporate identity. Our choice on both fronts has proven to be long term and we’re very pleased with the decision.

Tim Tolbert – MD
Essential World Wide SL