Euan Semple explains New Media for the corporate environment

I came across Euan Semple via a comment on a blog recently and have to hold my hand up and say I hadn’t heard of him before.  But he came with a recommendation so I checked out his site.

Impressive is an understatement.

He obviously has extensive experience in the social media environment and social computing but it was this particular video that made me sit up and start nodding my head.  He covers it all in a friendly, easy to understand and concise manner.  Just what is new media, social media and social networking and what does it mean to the corporate environment, to us and business practice itself.

Before you watch the video I would recommend you take 2 minutes and get subscribed to Euans Blog and if your on twitter follow him on @euan .

Euan Semple on the New Web from Dennis Howlett on Vimeo.

(One bit of advise I will give in advance though is BEWARE, don’t ask him if you can borrow a tenner, see below.)