My Favourite Tweets

Have you ever wondered who has made one of your tweets a favourite and near knew how to find out?

@mattuk from Datadial in the UK (web designers, developers and online marketing agency) sent this little tweet out earlier this evening linking to a rather smart search criteria that brings up a list of all your tweets that have been marked as favourites by other twitter users.

Its of immense interest to me to understand what my followers find interesting and useful and this simple search string has provided me for this incredibly information about their favourite tweets, so a big thanks to Mattuk!

Here is how you can find out who has made a favourite of your tweets.

Open Google search and in the search bar paste this query:*/favourites @[justinparks]

To see your results just replace my twitter username: justinparks with your own account id and low and behold, a list of tweets that people have added to favourites appears.

**Note USA
Users located in the USA have noticed that this search query wont return a result (or not always) Thanks to Ian Miller for spotting that.

The problem is simply the spelling of the word favourite or favorite as Twitter use the American English spelling for US based users and the English spelling of favourite for everyone else. If your located in the USA use this query below in the Google search to get a result, again just replacing my user name with your own.*/favorites @[justinparks]

Hope this is of use to you as it will certainly be of use to me If you want to check out another way of using google to target specific tweets or users have a read at Using Google Search to find interesting twitter users and Google Searching Users Tweets in Twitter.