Finding the time to make time

Finding the time to do and see to all your responsibilities wont always be easy and recently I have found myself stretched thin in my efforts to fulfil these responsibilities to the best of my ability.

The reason for this is of could of course be the birth of a new baby boy, Jake, to our family but I don’t think so.  Jake has however, made me take a long hard look at things in regards to life and my aims and how I approach things and where I put my valuable time and how I prioritise my responsibilities. Hence the reason that my posts on this blog have ceased more or less completely for the last month. I just had more important things to do.

So the point is making time for those things that are REALLY important cause we all know that time is the only thing you cant buy back. Its precious, its continuous, it wont ever stop and most of all its intangible. You cant claw it back when its gone.

Managing your time is paramount in life and in business to make sure that everything you do, every move you make is as effective and efficient as possible so that real time can be spent on the important things and the things that matter, family, friends and loved ones.

If, in any of this you thought “money” was the most important thing then you need to re-evaluate.  The reason we all want money after all is to have time.  Money grants us time, and just what then?  You go of and try and make more money and find that you have less time?  Or maybe you decide to buy that car you always wanted so you can drive it around…alone.  Sounds great.

Me, I’m all up for doing good business, and in the right way, to the right extent, but don’t ask me to waste my time.  Don’t expect me to work for free either.  My time is far to valuable for that and mostly, don’t assume that your time is more valuable than mine.  I would never think that about you or your time so I expect the same courtesy in return.

So, rather than go on, I think I have said enough this time round, and I would prefer to go and play with son than waste more time repeating myself, and Im sure you have better things to be doing as well. So stop wasting time…go do them!