Google Chrome stirring up trouble

Google Chrome has gone and done it.

Changed the playing field AGAIN.

To be honest, as soon as it was available to download I grabbed it. Im contiunually impressed by the Google Brains behind ALL and I mean ALL of there products, it all works! Chrome is pretty simple to adjust to, and the amount of space it leaves you to work with is wonderful, really quite uplifting and in the usual Google style the options are there but out of the way, relevant and easy to follow.

Seriously, no harm in chekcing it out, you can grab it here:
Goole Chrome Browser Download

There have been concerns already though regarding the new browser as it has been seen as an attack against Microsofts established Internet Explorer browser. So what i say. The more the merrier. The only bloody thing is that we have to adapt at a gound level for various differnet browser types so all the websites work properly depedning on what browser is the most established and the next three or four prominent contenders.

Time to increase the prices I think to satisfy the needs…