Google Local Business Center Analytics Reporting

Seems Google local business center is offering two new options on your personal business listing admin panel.

The first obvious change is the inclusion of local business analytics reporting showing impressions and actions taken on your local listing and a list of the words used to reach it.  The second is the addition of a “coupon” system that can be used as an advertising incentive offering on your products or services. Its also a distinct possibility that I just haven’t logged into the business enter for so long that I never noticed the stats, but regardless I thought it was worth mentioning.^^

Check out the screenies below.  At the moment I’m still trying to figure out how this relates to Google Analytics.

Google Local Business Center Analytic and Reporting


Google Local Business Center Coupons


If you have a google profile you can login and set up your local business listing, it wont take long, add its location and details to google maps and your off.