Google Search Shortcuts

Google Chrome has settled into its niche now and is being downloaded all over the place it seems although time will be the only factor before it makes any serious user penetration and becomes a user platform I believe.

Forums have been awash with questions regarding the much used Google Toolbar extension and when it will be available on the Google Chrome Browser but its not exactly necessary except for viewing page rank to be honest.

Its taking a little time for people to realise that you can actually do a search directly inside the address bar of google chrome as if it where the Google toolbar extension and not only this, there’s a nice variety of commands that can be applied to searches to bring back different sets of information in exactly the same way as if you visit and do it there directly.

Heres a run down on the available commands on google and on google chrome:

Lists all the pages on your site that google has detected and which are listed.

Displays all the pages which have a link on them TO the address you have entered.


will give you the definaition of the word “something”…obvioulsy you can use define on any word to get its meaning.


will spell check your word and tell you that something is wrong ^^.


will give you the stock price of a particular stock.


will let you search for a particular type of file, so “filetype:doc” will search for Word Documents.

maps:town, city or address

And surprise! A map appears of that particular location.


or something that resembles a phone number and hopefully you will get a name address with it. Just make sure the numbers right.

Maybe useful, maybe not, but best to be in the know!