Google Social Search working?

Im not sure what’s happening but I just realised that Google Social search, which was only available in labs previously but which was turned off and made unavailable after one month has suddenly become available to me in the Google SERPS and in the specific “Social Search” option.

And its really rather cool!

I was under the impression that this would not be rolled out and indeed I haven’t heard anything about it being made available, I have just been messing around and seeing what results come back. Have a look at the results below for the search term:

Seo Dojo in Google Social Search and SERPS

(in case your wondering the SEO Dojo is a forum for SEO training and its cool, check it out.)

In the Google SERPs themselves this appears at the bottom just, click the image to enlarge:


And when you select the social search only option like so:


I get this lovely list of results, which is actually quite extensive, and rather accurate. Click it to enlarge.


I have asked around but no one else has this option working at the moment, do you?