Hands on Communication

Communication is key in today’s environment and it still holds true that only the those who decide to take a risk and aim for some innovative approach are those that are remembered, talked about, discussed and even laughed about.  The point is however that they remain in peoples minds, both at a conscious  level and subliminally.

When you are dealing with a particular product or service, getting your message out to the people and making it prominent and lasting can be a truly difficult experience, but it is one that has been achieved, on  those special occasions, by using some of the most fundamental everyday things.

Marketing Misconception

A misconception in marketing is that huge wads of cash means huge results as money is poured into TV, radio campaigns, newspapers and on-line but if the publicity isn’t remarkable, then neither will the product be remarked upon, so maybe, just maybe, its much better, more profitable and more FUN to do something that others in your industry will look at with disdain. However this disdain soon turns to surprise and even regret as a campaign undertaken in this fashion succeeds and continues to succeed.

Taking into account that a huge budget is not necessary, what means can be employed to achieve the goal of injecting humour, longevity and the ultimate aim of sharing your message.  Well this example will illustrate that it could be right at your fingertips.

Now the interesting point is that this isn’t actually a pitch to sell a product or service but is sure made me smile, and hopefully if it inspires you to think outside of the box when developing a new method to convey a message, then it will certainly have served its purpose.

Who says you need glitch and glamour when some thought, dedication and an original idea with a simple video camera can be just as effective, if not more!

Check out this excellent video concept of hands on communication:
*WARNING – Has music so may be wise to turn the audio down a notch.