Home Loans Spain Testimonial for Justin Parks

Home Loans Spain SL

I didn’t know what to make of Justin when I walked in their offices for the first time, nice enough guy confident etc, but if you’ve been here in Spain long enough you know how first impressions can quickly be expensive and disappointing.

I explained my reservations to Justin and and that his quote was high. He explained that if that’s the way I feel but I can leave and go elsewhere with no hard feelings. But to remember that I´ll still want that web presence no matter what and be just as suspicious talking to the next firm, then the next and the next.

So he said why not save time write a cheque to 123 Marbella right now, put a bit of trust in us, and once we´ve taken your money and disappointed you in the highest possible way, with a hopeless effort of a web site, then at least we´ll have fulfilled your expectations and you ll be able to put the horrible experience behind you and move on to the next web company!

I thought, he does make a point doesn’t he? ok why not? and handed over a cheque.

I´m grateful to Justin now because he and Craig have done a great site that so far that has produced results and both Craig and Justin are still just as obtainable by phone and generous with their time long after they were paid.


Steve Walden – MD
Home Loans Spain SL