Never get cheap on hosting your website.

Like most things in life, there are a variety of prices and levels of service available and budgets largely dictate what we can and cannot do but when it comes to hosting im totally amazed at what people will pay.. or not pay as the case in point… for a reliable host.

I cant really blame people I suppose when your continually advertised offers for hosting at 20 cents a month or 1 euro a year but what makes me shake my head is when these services go down or a problem occurs and people then start complaining that their website, their online business, their income is being affected.

Getting the picture yet?

Yes its true, you certinaly get what you pay for and what do you expect? Expecially for 1 euro a month?

Aide from “problems” occurring such as the server going down or crashing frequently, alot of people forget the end user experience as well. A cheap service will tend towards being a slow service and users hate slow, especially on the net.

Hang on, not only users hate slow, YOU hate slow as well!

Not many things irritate as much as a page that takes forever to appear, and if your in business that can be the difference between a new customer or a lost sale! Surfing through a slow and sluggish loading site is not a fun experience, its distracting, annoying and ultimately detrimental to all involved.

The point is, cutting costs is all well and good, but loosing sales due to cutting costs when the expensive versions are in reality priceless is just bad business.

I highly recommend hosting in the UK with:


alternatively contact for enterprise/professional class hosting services.