Ikea get Social Media creative with viral marketing on Facebook

Its not often you see something and just think “That was a bloody brilliant idea” but IKEA have really come up thrumps with this one.

Kidnapping Photos

Ikea decided to utilise the existing function of tagging photos in Facebook to run a branding and buzz exercise around the Malmö store manager, Gordon Gustavsson and the new store opening in the area. By uploading photos of the display areas they allowed people to tag the items in the photo and whoever tagged it first with their own name, won the item. Simple.

This achieved six important and complementary goals.

  • It introduced Gordon Gustavsson to the local people in Malmö and made him “real” and approachable. Suddenly he was your friend.
  • It created excitement and urgency in the rush to tag the photos and get the piece of furniture you wanted.
  • It made people go to the IKEA site or catalogues and compare the items there with the items on the photos increasing brand and product awareness.
  • It caused the fan page to be populated virally in case future offers where announced so it would not be missed in the future thus increasing consumer loyalty.
  • It created social endorsement as people tagged items with their OWN names.

Heres the video explaining the concept in more detail.  You will have to agree, it was quite an inspired method of PR and a really exciting competition.