Im a bad SEO

Yep I admit it – I am a bad SEO.

There, its out there. Pretty weird thing to say isnt it? On a site that offers the very same service!

So let me clarify.

I have been a bad SEO because I have been neglecting my own site for about a year now due to commitments to clients – where I have been working on their SEO, which has actually served to make me an even better SEO than I was just one year ago.

Arctic SpasNo excuse really.

I worked DAMN hard on this site, testing it, changing it and moving it forward for over 3 years before I became engrossed in the work on the Arctic Spas website that’s had me up to my eyeballs in hot tubs (never a bad thing :P) as we redeveloped the site, reorganized infrastructure and other systems, arranged training protocols, implemented new marketing campaigns (online and offline) and basically got on with moving the business and brand forward.

So its time I stopped being such a bad naughty SEO and got back to giving a bit of what I have learned to you guys, who I know have wondering why my site has been off the grid (I get enough of you asking me to get back to blogging).

Also, I seriously intend to give this site another fresh, HTML 5, CSS 3, responsive theme overhaul as well.

So here goes. I’m not gonna be silly and over commit to churning out content every day or even twice a week – but its time I got this baby rolling again – so to begin with, as I rediscover my rhythm, I will be back at it at least once per week from this point on with the usual range of observations, funny shit, rants, advice and whatever else I believe you may find useful or entertaining.

…maybe then I wont feel like I’m such a bad SEO!