Information Triangle the impossible triangle of choice

The information triangle is an impossible triangle to create.  This may sound a little weird but its a fact.

The impossible triangle is used to, quite forcibly, to describe to people the stark reality of choice that needs to be made in many aspects of our lives. I use it with clients to help them make up their mind the route they would like to take with projects and the effect it will have.

The impossible triangle has quite a few names. The Impossible Triangle, the Reality Triangle, Triangle of Truth, Quality Triangle and the Essential Trade-off Triangle are only a few. Its not complicated, in fact its so simple it hurts.

The Impossible Triangle.

Look at the triangle below and ask yourself any important question regarding something that needs to be done.

Then choose any two of the options, but only two.

The point is that there will always be a trade off in some form or other in anything and everything we do according to this idea.

Which two would you choose?