No Internet in Spain

I have been without internet at my place of work now for about 7 days and it has been absolute hell. Its like being a Taxi driver with a car and no petrol.  Im currently infringing on a good friend to be able to continue working and saying up to date with my commitments but the situation is far from ideal.

Lesson learnt though.

I have ordered two telephone lines with two different providers now as a redundency solution in case this happens in the future but Im just waiting for the first line to be come active.  Im not sure how this works in other countries but it seems to be a long winded and complicated affair, unnecessicarily so in my opinion, here in Spain.

To cancel one contract you have to send faxes and letters with copies of offiicial identification and confirmation of cancellation, something that takes up to 15 days!  While this is going on you are waiting for a router from the new ISP to arrive which takes 10 days.  In the meantime your stuck with no option but to piggyback on someone elses line or shift all your work to a temporary location with a connection. An incredibly disruptive operation, especially if you work exclusively online and are internet relient.

I dont see any need for all this complicated process but it seems to be inherent in the system here in Spain.  I think sometimes that Spain is actually spelt with a small S and a capital P… sPain.

A little communication

I will be writing up an explanation of all the phone calls, frustrations and conversations had while being bounced about between companies and the feelings of anger and even depression as the situation progresses with no end in sight.  If there ever was the need for companies to take note and realise the value in communication, it is ironically, with the providers of that same service.

So much value could be added and satisfaction increased with a little time taken to call and say “We are working on it. Sorry for the delay”. But I will analyise wthis later on when I get my teeth into the full rant!

Right now im returning to looking at both my door and phone alternatively, hoping beyond hope that the postman will arrive with my router or someone will call to tell me its all been arranged and sorted out. Aye right…