Linkedin Professional Networking – Overview

Well that’s the end of a series of posts all about (for now anyway). I hope they have been of some help and your now setting up profiles and getting involved with discussions and building your network.  Its worth it, believe me.

As I mentioned before, in an earlier post,  I’m always happy to meet other professionals and network. If your interested in connecting with me, just hit the button below and choose the “add Justin Parks to your network” option to get in touch.

Startup Guide – Getting started on Linkedin

This is a run down I thought would be a good idea to centralise in a single list, of the last series of posts and what they covered these last few days. As usual feedback, questions and comments are always welcome.  Let me know what you think!

How Linkedin are you?

  • What is
  • Join

Manage your linkedin profile and public profile URL

  • Edit Public Profile Settings
  • Linkedin Public Profile URL
  • Linkedin customized buttons

Review your Linkedin Profile and expand upon it

  • Expanding on your Linkedin profile
  • Your Linkedin profile photo
  • Linkedin profile progress bar
  • How to present your Linkedin profile
  • Begin to build your Linkedin network
  • Dont stop adding to your Linkedin profile

Adding Applications to your Linkedin profile

  • Add a linkedin application

Linkedin Answers – professionals get involved and get informed

  • Answer Questions on Linkedin
  • Ask Questions on Linkedin

Linkedin Groups – Using and creating groups in Linkedin

  • Linkedin Groups
  • Linkedin Groups Directory
  • Create a Linkedin Group