Linkedin Answers – professionals get involved and get informed

Linked has a nice and neat little title bar across the top of the page that looks a little like this:


The highlighted part is the part i will be focusing on in this post.  Whatever you do, DO NOT ignore this section. It might sound unexciting but that simple word is incredibly powerful, most of the time what we seek are answers, and by using this section you can pose questions to get answers from professionals and reply to other questions as a professional.

Its so simple is genius.

What you have here is a wealth of freely given knowledge to questions and specifics you have related to your business and each and every question or answer is linked to a user profile allowing you to access the value of the response based on the information contained in their profiles and offering up the opportunity to make a valuable connection and addition to your network.

Answer Questions on Linkedin

Lets start with the Answer Questions section. Click the option and you will be presented with a page like this.


First things first, check the right hand column titled “Browse” and select the relevant section you need. Its most likely going to be the sector your involved in.  When you select your sector or area, the page will refresh and the questions that appear will probably seem quite familiar.

From this point your on your own!

Its completely up to you what questions you respond to in this section or if you prefer you can simply review them and the responses already made.  I would encourage you to get involved though, thats where you will really benefit from interaction rather than solely via observation.

Ask Questions on Linkedin

Next we check out the Linkedin Ask Questions option. linkedin-ask-question-page

To be honest, its not exactly brain surgery. Its basically a matter of filling in the blanks and making your questions as specific and accurate as possible so the repsonses are on target.  All your questions and answers get stored in the option “My Q&A” so you can review them at any time and after that its a matter of dedication on your part and how involved you want to be.  Believe me, its most certinaly worth it!