Loads of Twitter Tools from one API

Its simply mind boggling how many twitter tools are available from this oh so simple application.  The beauty of it is that you can simply pick and choose the twitter tools that suit you best when you need them or decide that they are useful.

Its a fine example of how an API (Application Programming Interface), supplied by Twitter itself allows US to manipulate the information and output it in a vast range of  different ways.  Check out this extensive list and references to EVEN MORE twitter tools and applications, all ready for you to play with!

twitter tools

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The Twitter Tools and Web Apps List


Publish and license tweets with Creative Commons.


This service lets its users send customized DM’s to a follower.


A service which “crawls” Twitter for tweets about music. Then you listen to them.


Twitter users monetize their Twitter profiles by selling their backgrounds to the advertisers.


Offering a meaningful service where all the replies to a particular tweet can be viewed as a regular chat-like conversation and can also be posted on blogs with proper formatting.


a wonderful service helping travellers make the most out of their travel plans. Once you post your travel plans on twtTRIP it alerts you of events at the location you are travelling at the specified time.


This can come to rescue when you want to confess or tell something to someone but just cannot for whatever reasons. All of it is completely anonymous.


It scans through the twitter and tracks the most RT’d messages and people. This is probably the most popular twitter based service on this list. Definitely worth checking out!


It crawls and collects links on Twitter then it categorizes these links and gauges their important based on who tweeted them first and how many tweets they’ve received.


Allow you to tweet music files (MP3). Songly lets you submit a link to an mp3 file, shortens it for you and lets them play it right in the browser. Songly also comes as a Firefox add-on.


A Firefox add-on from FoxyTunes that not only lets you share music, but websites and videos as well.


Mainly aimed at brand and corporate. It offers a solution where multiple people can manage one single account but still holding different identities by attaching their individual signatures to tweets. It helps companies and brands tracking their brands and feedback on Twitter.


A collection of twitter tools put together. TweetLater lets you send you new followers a custom Thank You note, schedule your tweets, setup Tweet alerts, etc.


Fresh Logic Studios has built an addictive Flash mapping interface, aggregating worldwide “Tweets” (Twitter messages). The screen refreshes every six seconds or so with a different Twitterer’s status report; and profile details are displayed on top of their location on a map.

A toolbox allows you to toggle between views – and the Microsoft Virtual Earth graphics are stunning. Each of the Twitterers has their own lollipop on the map to note where they are, plus there’s (limited) language support. But the Atlas isn’t just a visualisation device for status junkies. There’s also a practical side: users can get directions, search for local shops and services, find out what events are coming up in places around the world, and even see where the most expensive petrol stations are around.

What’s it missing? The ability to get only your Twitter group’s tweets shown on the map.


This little app from Alex Girard is about as stripped-down as you get – it doesn’t even have a GUI. But it’s a time-saver for those who’d like to link up their Del.icio.us bookmarks and their Twitter posts for later tagging and grouping. All the app does is take your tweets and route them to your Delicious account.

RTM – Remember the Milk

Alert and to-do service Remember the Milk has just combined its range of services with that of Twitter, meaning that if you include ‘rtm’ as a friend in your Twitter network, your new task-oriented friend informs all of the web services that you’ve got synced up to Remember The Milk – and that can include iGoogle, Google Calendar and others.

The smart bit is a series of commands that you can send to RTM via Twitter, using a few easy short codes. For instance, to get a list of these commands just type in ‘d rtm !tips’ and you’ll get back a full command list. Once you get the hang of the commands, you’ll see how much time this can save, instead of flipping between devices or websites to update your lists.

Social Comic Book

It’s never going to win any prettiness awards, but the creative juices were flowing the day that Tim Wintle decided to mash up Flickr tags with Tweets. The idea is simple: enter your Twitter name, and the app creates a comic book of six panels – with your Tweets serving as the description in the panel and Flickr photos being pulled in that relate to your Tweets.

Kind of like a visual Mad-Libs. Great idea – just a bit of a shame that some Tweets can’t find relevant Flickr photos to attach to them. Dust up the old design and it could be quite viral.


hooks into your 30Boxes online calendar account and allows you to post tweets directly into your calendar from your mobile phone or online.

It also allows you to see the Twitter activity of your network from within the 30Boxes environment. Another great feature is the ability to ‘roll your own groups’ of Twitterers. Whilst it helps to have a 30Boxes account to get the most from the integration, there are some features available to anyone.


Why go to Twitter when Twitter can come to you? Twitbin’s a Firefox extension that nestles all your friends’ tweets into a sidebar. It’s configurable too, and the tiny ad at the bottom of the sidebar is something I can live with. BTW, it works just as well in Flock.

Twitty Tunes

If you want to share what you’re listening to with the ease of Twitter, this is the browser plugin for you. It’s a sibling of the popular FoxyTunes extension, and supports dozens of players. So if you’re signed in to your Last.fm player, Twitty Tunes will let your Twitter friends know what you’re listening to. There’s even a social network devoted to the most recent TwittyTunes shout-outs, called Foxy Tunes Twitter DJ.


This one appeals to the statisticians and the buzz crawlers. This charts the ‘zeitgeist’ of what’s being Tweeted about across the globe. You can even see comparisons of one key phrase versus another, and what day of the week key terms pop up most frequently. For instance, here’s one that compares beer and sex. Not surprisingly, beer starts getting popular around Friday.


A Worldmap with twitts coming and going as and when they happen. Amazing to watch.


Shorten, send out and track links sent via Twitter. See how many clicks your latest blog or article has generated. A great way to gauge the popularity of your content. See the most-clicked Twitter links on the Tweetburner homepage. Also works with FriendFeed.


Perfect for when you only want certain messages to go out to a group of your followers, friends or family or for when you’re working on a web development project and need to send or receive client-confidential information. Registering is as simple as creating a group name and making its settings private in Twitter.


Integrate Twitter with your Google Calendar. By simply adding @gcal as a friend, you can tweet events, to-do’s and reminders directly to your Google Calendar and have it checked every minute.

Twitter Time

Twitter Timer – To get reminders directly through Twitter, follow @timer and send a direct message to @timer as simple as 10 order pizza. It will remind you to order pizza in 10 minutes.


Get Twitter alerts whenever someone mentions any keyword you want to follow. Use it for your name, company name or to find potential clients (by getting an alert for the term “web development” for example). Tweetbeep works even if the original poster uses a URL shortening service like TinyURL.


Find out when you get un-followed by using Qwitter. Qwitter will not only alert you as to who is no longer following you, but they’ll show you the tweet you posted that (may or may not) have caused the person to unsubscribe.


TweetLater lets you schedule your tweets for a later date/time, saving you from being glued to Twitter. Also emails you keyword alerts, sends “thank you” notes to new followers and handles multiple Twitter accounts effortlessly.

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And for even more apps, and sites related to Twitter check out

TwitTown & Mashable Twitter ToolBox

PHEW!.  My heads spinning after all those but hopefully you will enjoy or indeed find some use for this sampling of twitter apps, and believe me its a sampling.  They are being produced faster than I can type!