Manage your linkedin profile and public profile URL

If you have read my previous post on getting signed up with linkedin then your now the proud owner of a shiny new linkedin account and its time to look at the options.

Linkedin resembles a CV or resume of sorts. Its a permanent record of you and your experience in the public domain so, make sure its accurate. Don’t be tempted to “fiddle” the information there or tell any little white lies ,its not advised.

The majority of the information is pretty self explanatory on your linkedin profile including standard things such as as summary, experience, education, information, and contact details and one important point to note in regards this information is how it can be displayed on your public profile.

Edit Public Profile Settings

The edit public profile button for Linkedin is available in the edit profile section when you are logged in on the blue bar in the upper right corner:


Its important that you edit these settings for maximum effect but of course you can choose what information you wish to display if your uncomfortable with any of it being available publicly but the more transparent you are the better (in my opinion).

The Linkedin Edit Public Settings page has two important points that need to be addressed both shown below.


Linkedin Public Profile URL

The first highlighted point is the most important as it relates to the address of URL of your public profile.

linkedin-public-profile-urlI would suggest you aim to add your name , first name and surname together, if possible, to make an easy to remember address that will also help place your name in a “vanity search” on search engine results.

All Linkedin URLs use the format http://www.linkedin/in/**the customname** and this custom name cannot be duplicated, therefore if someone else has the same name as you and they have set the address then you need to get a little creative to get a clean and simple vanity URL. Try adding in your middle names initials while avoiding the use of numbers. (Good luck with this!)

Linkedin customized buttons

The 2nd point is in regards the displaying of your public profile on your blog, a forum or on a web page.


All ready for you to use are a range of different style buttons or badges with the relevant code attached so grab the code, add it to a page or template and its done. The more places you can promote your profile the better to alert other Linkedin users that you are available on the network should they wish to contact you.

These are the first steps in getting your profile working for you.