Misunderstanding SEO

People are confused and in other cases scared by SEO & SEO Experts and understandably so.

In essence, it is a complicated and analytical process covering a wide spectrum of disciplines and requirements. Most of these misunderstandings have developed because of these factors:

  • Technology develops at such a rate that it is difficult to stay on top of all the options.
  • There is a misconception that SEO is easy, that doing one or two things will work and when this does not happen frustration and disappointment prevail.
  • Very few people understand the full extent of what SEO involves and how the practice of SEO is actually implemented. A business simply wants effective results.
  • We all see how SEO is cheap, but when presented with the facts the reality becomes apparent that cheap SEO is a waste of money.
  • We see huge variations in prices for SEO and become suspicious at the super cheap and also the super expensive.
  • It is difficult for a business to understand the requirements of website design and development in relation to Search Engine Optimisation.
  • No one actually KNOWS categorically what SEO involves (Yes this sounds strange but I will expand upon this in another post).

Over the next few days I will be doing a series of posts expanding upon some of the areas involved in SEO and dispelling and clarifying these misconceptions.

Post 1: SEO Services and SEO Budgets
Post 2: SEO and Keyword Density
Post 3: Linking and Backlinking
Post 4: Writing content for your Visitor
Post 5: Is W3C validation worthwhile?
Post 6: Permalinks and Clean URLS
Post 7: Website Submission