Monitoring your brand in twitter with TweetTabs

I came across Tweettabs after being referred to it by @joe_carney (cheers Joe) while we where having a little chat about using Twitter and search on twitter. Gradually our conversation shifted to different ways and means of using twitter effectively when Joe suggested I check out

Being an inquisitive kinda guy (or a right nosey bugger) I checked it out as it seemed interesting.

What a beautifully simple idea. Tweettabs allows you to monitor live tweets based on any given keyword you choose as and when it happens with the advantage of letting you focus in on relevant subject matter and information in a constant stream.  I began by using the typical words I would find useful, things such as, wordpress, blogging, social media and the like and these flash past incredibly quickly on such popular subject matter.

It was only after a little thought that I decided, on a whim, to add in my own name, Justin Parks, as a term to track and that’s when the possibilities opened up for me. I began to see my name being mentioned by people who I didnt know and in a variety of contexts and on different subjects, all positive thank goodness!

I thought about this a little more and it occurred to me that a business or individual could use Tweettabs effectively to monitor your brand on a range of terms including the company name, staff names, products and services with specific titles and of course, the competition.

Following on I added in justinparks, and justin parks to see if there was a different set of results, and sure enough their is!

All this information is constantly updated and will feed you what you need to see where tweeple are saying about you and your company or brand. The value is extreme to say the least!

Nip over to Tweettabs and check it out, signup is free and once logged in the words you add remain against your account so you can open and close the site with having to repeatedly enter your terms.