Monitoring tweets about your brand with Google

Another advancement on the ability to search for tweets, this time within a given time frame or date range.  Its a little more complicated to do, but still relatively easy and can be invaluable in researching what people have tweeted about your name, company or product over a particular period of time.

As usual, open Google and paste this line into the search bar:* tweets“Nike”

And as expected we get results back with the tweets that have the word Nike in them.  Now we want to refine it down to a date range. The page should look like this:


Now hit the “Show Options” button circled below.

google nike tweets

The page should expand along the left column to display this and just hit the highlighted “custom date range” indicated below.


Now just fill in the date range you want to get results for in the format shown.


And that’s how you can search for any given word, in any public tweet restricted by date. Its not super accurate but it seems to function fine for this particular example.  If no results are coming back, quite possibly there’s simply nothing there to show or the tweet itself has “expired” and no longer is indexed.

This process is a little long winded, though it only takes seconds and the search string query that can be used is possible but complicated as it uses the Julian Calendar to fix the date range. Im trying to figure out how to apply it atm and its making my brain melt so bear with me on that.