Obama becomes President of the USA.

The results are filtering in and a long long night (or day) awaits those who watch the votes being tallied in this most interesting of campaigns. Im watching commentary and feedback about the various states, their habits and how the speculation is currently that they are ALL in flux. As America decides its next president, it is without doubt that the world is also watching with baited breath in the hope that the Obama will be elected as the next President of the USA. No offence to McCain, but seriously Grandpa, have a seat.

But why do we care? Will it really make much difference in the world or our daily lives? I think not to be honest, however, I believe that this election has changed in a subtle fashion the focus of future America campaigns. How? Well on the internet of course.

Obamas campaign was fully aware of the advantages of engaging the internet population to gain support and momentum and they did it most effectively, something I will be analysing in the close future as hindsight will allow for a much clearer view of its influence and reach.

Don’t hold your breath to long people, but do remember once again, “the times they are achanging”.