Digital Marketing

We deliver two core digital campaign packages suitable for small or large budgets, whether you want a short-lived event promotion or to drive bucket loads of traffic to your website, we’ve got what you need.

If these packages don’t quite hit the spot just let us know, we’re flexible and can offer you a custom, scalable package that gets the job done Efecktively.

Efecktive Social Media Marketing

Digital Advertising Package

  • Creation and management of up to three social media campaigns on platforms of your choosing (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram & LinkedIn)
  • Targeted social media advertising and promotions**
  • Creation and management of up to three PPC campaigns* on your preferred search engine (Bing, Google and Yahoo)
  • Weekly campaign success reports

Efecktive Content Creation Marketing

Digital Content Campaign Package

  • Keyword report
  • Production of ten 300-350 word articles, professionally edited for SEO
  • Production and delivery of one customer email campaign per month
  • Creation and management of five social media campaigns on your chosen platform(s)
  • Creation and management of five PPC** campaigns on your preferred search engine(s)
  • Website ranking reports (100 search terms monitored across Google, Bing and Yahoo with no limit on URLs)
  • Weekly campaign success reports