SEO and Developer addons for Firefox

Firefox is the developers and SEO best friend when it comes to addons and extensions to help make work flow more efficient and effective.  Check out this list of Firefox addons that I would recommend for anyone involved in web developement or best SEO practices. All these plugins install quickly and easily into the FireFox browser and go a long way to making information acces easier while surfing the web.

Just make sure you have FireFox installed first!

SEO for Firefox

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A useful tool that pulls data research right into Yahoo’s and Google’s search results and includes some of the following features:

  • Page links – Shows estimated total number of links pointing to pages in Yahoo
  • Cached – Shows how many sites in Google are indexed
  • Provides Alexa site rankings
  • Gives PR stats (Google PageRank)
  • Bloglines – check out how many people are subscribed to certain blogs


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  • Allows users/web developers to view large number of SE parameters on the internet
  • SEO Toolbar – Parameters shown in separate toolbar in browser
  • SEObar – Shows values of parameters of web pages currently opened in browser
  • Inclusion of parameters in SERPs (customized by users)


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  • Includes web development tools
  • Allows you to inspect and edit HTML
  • Monitor and debug CSS and Javascript in live web pages
  • Find and edit DOM (Direct Object Model) quickly

Page Speed

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Never underestimate how important it is to have a fast and responsive site or blog.  This plugin is essential in helping to display problems that need ot be addressed so visitors don’t have ot wait for what they want.  There is more detailed information on this plugin in the post, WordPress load time – how to speed up your blog loading time.

  • Used to evaluate web page performance
  • Web sites run faster – runs diagnostic tests
  • Reduces hosting costs and bandwidth
  • Performs tests on front-end code and web server configuration

SearchStatus 1.30

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  • Displays Google PageRank, Compete Ranking, Alexa Rank and SEOmoz Linkscape mozRank in browser
  • Includes backward/related links
  • Fast keyword density analyser


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  • Yahoo and Google backlinks
  • Alexa traffic and backlinks
  • Page size and PR checker
  • HTML validator


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  • Quickly accesses Yahoo Site explorer

Niche Watch Tool 1.0

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  • Analyze niche keyword competition
  • Gives backlink numbers, indexed pages, all in anchor, and page ranks
  • Builds high PR links – gain better search engine placement

X-Ray 0.9

  • Allows you to easily see how site was created
  • View tags on web pages without seeing source codes
  • Displays class and ID names

Web Developer 1.1.8

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  • Includes many web developer tools
  • Adds toolbars and menu to browser

User Agent Switch 0.7.2

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  • Adds toolbar and menu buttons to switch user agent of browser
  • Allows access to sites that restrict access

Google Global

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Has over 20 features – views paid and organic searches from any location across the globe:

  • Cities
  • Regions
  • IP addresses
  • US zip codes
  • Different languages

Alexa Sparky

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  • Shows Alexa information in your status bar
  • Provides Reach and Rank data about the sites you surf
  • Users can view web traffic metrics
  • Find out what sites are more popular than others
  • Allows you to web surf more efficiently – finds related links/sites
  • Won’t interrupt your web browsing

LinkChecker 0.6.3

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  • Checks validity of site links
  • Tool button can be added on browser for easier access
  • Uses color coding to highlight bad versus good links