SEO is easy

Yeah, Search Engine Optimisation is easy. Dead Easy.  Super easy even.  That´s why everyone is number 1 right?  But hang on, everyone cant be number 1 in Google can they?  No.  They cant. There will always be a number 2, 3 ,4 and so on.  Its the way of the world and its the way search engines work. Period.

To be brutally frank, people piss me off when they say that applying Search Engine Optimisation is easy.  I see it alot on forums and in blogs about how “simple” it is to get to number 1 in Google and make money online.  People are being approached all the time with marketing focused on their need and greed with blasé statements like  ” Become a millionaire in 24 hours!” or “Make 100,000 dollars a month online”, “Number 1 in positions guaranteed” and “”all for 5 dollars a month!”. These unscrupulous marketeers only serve to feed the flames of misinformation regarding the whole concept that is taking a website and making it work on a search engine with the aim of reaching a number 1 position, the true meaning of Search Engine Optimisation. Funny how it sounds rather similar to running a business don’t it?

SEO Search Ranking Factors


The next time you meet someone who says its easy and cheap, ask them to explain this SEO Search Ranking Factors post on SEOmoz, one of the most prominent reliable sources of Search Engine related information on the web.  Based on the opinion of 37 proven  SEO experts they have created a rated list of what`s important and what’s not so important in creating an optimised website.

In total, there are 53 individual points covered and rated.  YES thats 53 points and yes I counted them.  These points all add up towards creating an optimitised website for search engines based on what they speculate are Googles ever changing requirements.

Yes, they SPECULATE.  Let me say it again “SPECULATE“. Get it?  Even the experts who have proven and successful track records cannot definitely say what it is that makes a website work really well in Google and reach that desired number 1 spot or at least they cannot reach a uniform and united consensus.

Take a little time to read through it the SEOmoz Search Engine Ranking Factors article Its not easy to understand, and you will see quite clearly that they differ in their opinions throughout the points covered. Thats also why I say continually that people who profess to be Search Engine Experts are only practising, much the same as doctors and lawyers are always practising their profession as new develops or changes are continually being discovered and implemented… just like SEO.

Really the point is this.  Search Engine Optimisation is not easy or cheap.  Its not quick either and its not defined.  Its something that needs to be studied, analysed, tested, applied and implemented to every facet of a website and it all needs to be done consistently and in-line with the requirements (and demands) of good old Google and your visitor (because they can change the way they search to…or didn’t you know that?).

And that’s only the start of it, after that you have to have the design studied, analysed, tested, applied and implemented to suit the traffic you are getting and ensure that you are benefiting that traffic to the greatest degree, otherwise the effort will have all been wasted.

After all, whats the point of marketing your shop to the number one position in the highstreet if when people are coming in to browse and purchase you have all the stock in boxes, in the back store room, which is locked and bolted, and has a key which happens to have been lost under a rock somewhere in Canada… Much better to have the right stock in the right place and available for the right people, because I can guarentee you they wont wait around… would you?

*the sarcastic bit now*
All this adds up to a really cheap and easy package that anyone can do obviously.  No seriously it does, I mean I would do all of this for 5-99 a month in about 2 seconds cause I have a contact at Google.. seriously  I do! Who cares that he works in the canteen.

…yeah right. I have tried to explain some of the simple complexities in my previous post on SEO Marbella or SEO Spain but I still think most people just wont get it and if you think this is me going of on a rant, just dont get me started.  There will be much more to come.