SEO Marbella or SEO Spain

I came across a range of different posts recently and one sparked my interest to the extent that I decided that a good old rant was in order in regards the content of the post. The general view on the post was about the good old “number 1 in Google” debate that has become the obsession with so many business and website owners alike.

In general many of the people commenting where impressed that the post was in a number one position for what they considered to be an important term for anyone practicing SEO while applying localisation to define the scope of the service and encourage traffic and visitors who would be interested in that service and yet the post was NOT an SEO company but rather a post promoting a book about getting to “number 1 Google”.  The term was SEO Marbella and the post, at that time , in the number one position, was a blog all about Nueva Andalucia.

While the idea is completely correct in regards the point that really any self respecting practitioner of SEO services and advice and more specifically any practitioner offering SEO in Marbella really should consider positioning themselves at this number 1 spot to show their ability, even though in reality its not actually where you should be focusing on as quite frankly the returns are not worth the effort, if you simply go by the numbers, but what the hell, who am I to make everyone a number.

Reaching Number 1 for SEO Marbella or SEO Spain

Being at trhe number one spot for SEO Marbella basically seems a waste of time due to the almost non existant traffic enquiring after that term, hence the reason that it would not be any great challange to get there and paradoxically no lose at all if you are not but it is still a small base that needs to be covered. Here lies the conundrum.  What should any SEO business be targetting (Or any other business for that matter, this example holds true for them all)?

Should it be so local as to mention the town or village you are based in, such as SEO Marbella or SEO Puerto Banus or the nearest major city such as SEO Malaga or SEO Seville, or should you go a little further and aim for an area or provenince that covers your local such as SEO Costa Del Sol or SEO Andalucia.  Maybe you should just go all out and aim for the whole country and target a term such as SEO Spain.

The simplest answer is that every single one of these terms is important in reality but the question is how much effort can you afford and how much effort should you legitimately focus on reaching the number 1 in Google spot for each individual term.  That is what proper keyword research is supposed to answer but only in practice can the actual results be measured in value as in marketing who ever told us that 1 means 1 was lying.

In the meantime I think will just keep targeting the keywords that I know will matter to me ( And no im actually not that bothered about SEO Spain now that you mention it).