Consulting and Training

If you don’t need our support full-time or your marketing budget won’t allow for external services we offer consulting and training that will help you to develop and deliver strategic digital marketing campaigns in-house.

Whether you simply want to better understand what you can achieve with digital marketing with a chat or need a day of our time to develop a fully thought out strategy we’re on-hand to offer guidance and advise.

We also offer staff training on everything that falls under our digital marketing expertise, so you can manage your own website, publish content and run a social media or PPC campaign.

Our training sessions cover all the essentials that your business will need in order to market itself online including:

  • Keyword reporting and analysis
  • CMS website management and content publishing
  • Social media account setup, content posting, community management and analytics
  • Pay per click (PPC) account setup, management and reporting
  • Content creation, curation and link building
  • Email and local marketing
  • Reputation management

If you’d like to know more give us a cal or drop us an email and we’ll get the ball rolling.