Content Creation Marketing

Content marketing involves creating quality digital materials that are valued by your customers. It attracts, informs and engages your audience while also promoting your brand’s products and services.

Your audience is constantly searching the internet for information and if you’re in a position to provide that information, your website will be more viewed more favourably than one that simply lists products or looks like one big sales pitch.

The added benefit of creating and using Efecktive digital content regularly is improved SEO, a better performing website and a more awesome social media marketing strategy.

A strong digital content marketing strategy can and should include a variety of content types depending on your requirements.

You can write about pretty much anything that’s appropriate for your business when it comes to your company’s blog or news feed. As long as you keep it regular and informative people will show an interest if it’s something relevant to them, and if you’re clever you can link to content elsewhere on your website and lead your audience to the all important sale.

We are specialists in working with you to create written content like this that will boost your website performance and get customers engaged with your brand.

With our content creation package we produce polished articles that are professionally edited and optimised for SEO* with a ten-day turnaround.

To make the most of your content we can also put together email campaigns to ensure your current contacts and prospective customers see your valuable content.

For more details and pricing information take a look at our packages section or get in touch with us. Don’t worry if the packages aren’t quite what you’re after, we can craft a wide range of digital content and if you need something more tailored just let us know.

*You will need to provide a list of keywords in order for the content to be optimised Efecktively. If you are not sure of your keywords, don’t worry we offer custom keyword reports.