Search Engine Optimisation

Those three words strike fear into the hearts of many a business owner. Misunderstood, often despised, but at the same time heavily desired, search engine optimisation is something we excel at.  Working with the principle of future proofing as much as possible in accordance with Google guidelines and a healthy and proven understanding of real world marketing, SEO is a process we can help you with.

It requires a wide range of  prerequisites in order for a SEO campaign to be efecktive.  This includes everything from a realistic expectation of return, the necessary budget to match the expectation, an understanding that no guarantees can be offered in conjunction with the service, the ability to accept that the rules are in a constant state of flux, and also that even when success happens, your competition will see that and push harder to rise above you in the search engine results.

These things are all part of SEO the living breathing animal it is today.

Even with that, we are not called efecktive for nothing. We have proven time and time again that well planned campaigns can be very successful. Give us a try, you wont be disappointed.

The full spectrum of SEO services includes.

  • Keyword research and targeting
  • Page and content creation and markup
  • Content distribution and placement
  • Link building
  • Onsite SEO  and refinement
  • Tracking and Reporting on progress
  • Ongoing consultancy and brainstorming
  • Google Analytics breakdown and reporting
  • and a desire to win!