SEO Audits

We perform SEO audits that ensure you can build a solid foundation for your future digital marketing efforts and maximise the return on your website investment by continually improving and maintaining your search engine rankings.

During an Efecktive SEO audit lift the hood on your website and take a forensic look under the bonnet. We search for every possible issues that could be having a negative effect on your search engine rankings. The list of things we include in our audits is extensive and covers everything from structure and design implications to internal links and tagging – if it’s on your website we examine it.

Once the SEO audit of your website is complete, we provide a comprehensive report which will detail all of the identified problems, a summary which details the issues that need prioritising and an obligation free estimate for fixing your website.

If you have an in-house team or website manager we will arrange a one-hour phone call to talk through the audit and necessary changes as part of the service.

If you’d like us to put your website under the microscope, drop us an email or give us a call and we’ll get going straight away.