Website Ranking Reports

Your website is the most important digital marketing tool at your disposal, it’s your online shop window and probably didn’t come cheap.

You need to know it’s doing the business and ensure your investment was worthwhile. You may have the best looking website in the world but if no one can find it, then it’s worthless.

The first and most important step is to make sure your website is sitting nicely at the top of Google’s (or Yahoo’s and Bing’s) search results when your customers are looking for your services or products online*.

This is where Efecktive comes in… We offer valuable, simple to understand and easy to setup website rank tracking reporting that helps you monitor, develop and improve the performance of your websites while taking advantage of search trends.

With us you benefit from a daily email report detailing where your website is ranking on Google, Bing and Yahoo for up to 100 of your key search terms. If 100 isn’t quite enough, let us know and we’ll tailor your website rank tracking package to your needs.

If you want you can also see how your competitors are doing, check how your website is performing on mobile devices and see which of your search terms is being used the most. Our reports simplify large amounts of data to give you all the vital information at a glance.

We provide a free, no obligation, 15-day trial of the Efecktive rank tracking service to iron out any issues before we get going with your service.

For more details and pricing information take a look at our ranking packages or get in touch with us.

If you’d like to get cracking straight away, fill in our online form here and you’ll get your first report within 24 hours.

*You will need to provide a list of keywords in order for the reports to be Efecktive. If you are not sure of your keywords, don’t worry we offer custom keyword reports.