Share This WordPress Plugin

The Share this plugin is a super easy way of adding the functionality for visitors to quickly and easily “share” or “pass” your information across to another network. This is something that your blog should offer to visitors in the most convenient and simple method possible to encourage the information to go “viral” as people pass the post on, in the manner of Chinese whispers, to friends, family and their extended network.

The simple icon image represents a single person or entity being the focal point and link to or connect with two other unique bodies to represent the process of having the same information being given to separate places.

Setting up Share this is relatively simple but in order to customise the plugin and display it in an effective manner you need to login to the Share This website, create an account and then edit the plugin to have it include the networks you want in the positions you want.

The system is very intuitive however and the setup will not take you long.  Once you have it configured on the website you are offered some code that you copy and paste into the plugin settings page, configure some other placement options and its done.

Author: ShareThis

Download the Share This Plugin.