Skype buttons, icons and badges for Social Media

Skype has been around for a long time now, 5 or 6 years and its bloody brilliant. I still shake my head and wonder what people are doing when they tell me they dont use Skype simply because it can save you a massive amount of money per month in phone bills, its not rocket science, its just common sense.

If you haven’t got it, get skype now, honestly.  It installs in seconds, is dead easy to understand and with a decent microphone or headset it makes communicating on line a breeze and its free… need I say more?  most people I speak to seem to think its strange to have calls come through their computer and answer them directly there or maybe that there is some hidden catch to the whole thing.

Well it might feel a little strange at first, but once the bills stop coming in and you realise that you can click call contacts, manage groups ignore calls, use Instant messaging chat, create conference calls and even call landlines (though that costs but even then its nothing) and work the whole system in the same way as a mobile phone most folks convert straight away.

Anyway.  If you want to add skype to your site and you would like a nice icon to advertise the fact that people can contact you for free then here ya go.

Click any of the images to enlarge it then right click and select “save as” to download the icon to your computer.

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Source: credits for the sites and artists who made these cool icons badges and buttons.