Social Bookmarking Syndication in one simple step

Most of us have built up a portfolio of different social bookmarking profiles as we surf the web and if your engaged with these communities then you want to be letting them know what your doing and what you currently find interesting.

Its not fun though, when you have to go through each site, login and then copy and paste that info, so most of us wont bother as its to much of a time sink and a distraction.  Instead we concentrate on just a select few and while these may be beneficial it could also mean your missing out on potentially profitable relationships and networking opportunities through omission.

Never fear through!  As always some smart Alec has had the very same problem and then decided to address it themselves, so let me present you with the two options you have, one paid for and one for free. – Make Updating your Social Networks a Snap has been around a long time and of course, the biggest advantage it has, is that its FREE.

That’s why we love it.  It covers a wide range of different social networks and since its free then you can scoot on over and check it out now.

Here is a convenient little link to for ya.


Only Wire – Automated Content Bookmarking

Only Wire is pretty much the same as except that it is NOT Free. Well, kind of.  There is a free version that is supported with adverts, so that might be a little annoying.

It covers about 39 different social networks and I would say, if your a business, then this would be the solution for you.

Hope they come in useful.