Social Media People and the Twitter Followers Trend

Strong relationships can only grow through interaction and that’s a fact.  Much as the current trend is about having as many twitter followers as possible, something I believe is a fad and has no real worthwhile value, people are slowly realising that its the interaction thats important.

The important thing is people…

People such as @sethsimonds and @jimconnolly had relatively large follower bases on twitter (45k and 20k respectively) but made the difficult decisions to unfollow large numbers of people or simply start again from scratch.

The reason for Unfollowing?

Simply put, the numbers ceased to matter, in fact they became a serious problem. They both realised that it was the people behind the numbers who where the real value and found it extremely difficult to create meaningful relationships with such large followings and keep track of what was important to them.

After all, just how many people can you expect to communicate with or form relationships with at any given time and how do the people with massive follower counts cope?  In all honesty, very few of them care and if we cannot see that we simply serve as another notch on the belt or mark on the scoreboard that makes you even less significant and them all the more unreachable as you get drowned out in the static of the twitter stream.

Both Seth and Jim seem  much more comfortable and in control of the information they receive and much happier with the relationships they are forming or re-establishing.

I say hats of to you guys for making the right decisions even though it must have been incredibly difficult. Now maybe the rest of us can avoid making the same mistakes.

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