Speed Dial plugin for Firefox

I came across this plugin for Firefox recently and cannot imagine living without it. An incredibly simple concept, the Speed Dial Plugin for Firefox allows you to have multiple home pages on a single page. Sound confusing? Not at all!

Have you got a list of websites that you visit regularly? If so then the Speed Dial plugin simply allows you to set up your home page to include as many shortcuts as you require to specific pages you allocate in a simple and attractive graphical interface.

The end result is that your home page will look something like this:

Each screen shot can be allocated a web page easily by clicking on the settings button on the top right of each tab and adding in the URL of the web page you want to insert via this interface:

And all the options can be edited to suit your preferred layout allowing you to add in columns and rows, dictate whether or not its in a new home page or when you open a new tab and how many tabs are available overall. Heres an example of the options screen:

Grab the speed dial plugin here.