Susan Jordan The Exchange Club Testimonial for Justin Parks

The Exchange Club

The Exchange Business Club decided to initiate a competition for schoolchildren and we looked to our members to assist in the process. The idea was to allow the children from a wide range of schools to trade shares online for a period of some weeks by using a virtual purse.

The winner of the competition would be awarded the Junior Biz Brain 2005 Trophy.

When I approached Craig and Justin about designing the website and explained my idea they turned me down.

“Too easy” they said” needs more complexity”.

Now I happen to know that complexity = time = money but these boys were unimpressed with this argument.

They took my initial idea and grew it until we had a trading website that any grown up dealer would kill to play with.

And guess what? Complexity did equal time, but not as much as I had anticipated.

And guess what else? Time did not equal money.

Their time and expertise was generously donated and the competition was a roaring success.

Susan Jordan
The Exchange Club